The Strapless Dilema

Many brides who would normally choose a strapless gown quickly change their minds fearing the terrible wardrobe malfunction woes.  Unfortunately, miss informed brides may end up passing the opportunity to strut that strapless gown. Usually because of the lack of options when it comes to assuring the proper performance of their strapless gown.  Some brides who have a more generous bust line cringe at the thought of having to constantly adjust.  Brides with a little less worry that the gown will just slip and woops.  Who wants bridal pictures that depict you pulling and tugging on your gown?  

Our suggestion... go custom.  No, really.  The problem is that many gowns no matter how "high end" or how altered just do not fit every girl the same way.  The other problem is that many gowns are ridiculously heavy thus causing even more strain on that bodice.  Then if altered, its so tight that the only thing you are thinking is... How fast can I take this gown off!  But wait... it still slips.  Ugh!

So back to my statement, go custom.  Do a quick google search and see if your area has a bridal atelier or high end tailor.  The truth is that when a gown is fitted to your specific measurement it will perform like it is supposed to.  Unfortunately, brides have been brain washed to think that if they don't have some designer name on their gown they are not getting quality.  The fact is, a custom gown from a professional designer or tailor is of more value than a mass produced gown.  When you have your gown custom made you can choose your fabrics which in turn help to get rid of the  heaviness of the gown.  Plus, you can also lose that long line bra because your gown can be made with a structure to give you the support you need.  

The benefits of custom truly outweigh retail in this predicament.  Talk to your local designer or atelier, be informed of your options.